Gunman Opens Fire At Planned Parenthood In Colorado Springs

by Alexandra Svokos

Update, 9:00pm (all times EST): Two civilians and one police officer died on the scene, Colorado Springs officials confirmed in a news conference.

The police officer was from the University of Colorado Springs Police Department.

Four civilians and five police officers were transported to local hospitals, the officials said. They are "in good condition at this time."

Update, 7:15pm: The gunman is alive and has been taken into custody, Colorado Springs mayor has confirmed.

Police radio transcripts from The Gazette show the shooter may have given himself up to police custody. The man's motive is still unconfirmed.

No deaths have been confirmed and the number of wounded has not yet been determined. At least five police officers and six civilians were injured, according to the Washington Post.

The shooter reportedly brought unspecified items into the Planned Parenthood building.

Police are still reviewing the crime scene, which will take time to complete.

6:30pm: A gunman opened fire at a Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs, Colorado on Friday. As of Friday afternoon, the shooter is still active.

At least nine people, including four police officers, have been injured, according to Newsweek. The gunman was described as a white man wearing a "hunting-type" hat and a long jacket.

Many facts of the shooting are still unconfirmed as the situation is ongoing. It has not yet been confirmed if Planned Parenthood was the shooter's target, or, if so, why.

The shooter was firing from inside the Planned Parenthood building. He was exchanging fire with police. The shooting has been going on for several hours, since before noon local time.

People in the area have been told to shelter in place. There are many ambulances waiting outside the locked-down area surrounding the Planned Parenthood.

CBS interviewed a man whose sister had an appointment at the Planned Parenthood. He said she called him and he heard gunshots.

This is an ongoing situation. We will update this article with more information.