Groom Has Amazing Fairytale Wedding Before Dying From Terminal Cancer

In April of last year, Jennifer Carter and Solomon Chau got engaged and, according to Cosmopolitan, began planning their wedding for this August.

Eight months later, the couple discovered their time together would be cut short when Chau, 26, was diagnosed with liver cancer. In March, they found out it was terminal.

With the knowledge he would not make it to their August wedding, Carter and Chau decided to move their wedding to April.

The affianced couple leaned on family and friends to create a gorgeous ceremony worth over $50,000, where all of their loved ones gathered to celebrate their commitment.

This weekend, on the couple's original August 22 wedding date, loved ones gathered again, this time for Chau's funeral.

On Carter's first day without her husband by her side, she reportedly said,

Every girl dreams of growing up to marry a Solomon Chau. It feels great to see that everyone loved him just as much as I did.

The pair was married 128 days.

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