Reporter Has Emotional Reunion With Daughter In Paris After The Attacks (Video)


On Friday, 129 people were murdered in Paris by a group of extremists.

The events were nothing short of horrific for those who watched.

As a bystander, anyone could see how horrific these events were.

But, as a family member of someone in Paris, the events were hell on Earth.

Waiting for the phone to ring, to receive a text or any notification regarding the safety of your family member would be, without question, a traumatizing experience.

Now, reporter Geraldo Rivera is opening up about the angst he felt while waiting to hear from his daughter in Paris during the time of the attacks, and how fortunate he feels that his daughter survived.

Rivera shared his reunion with Simone, who was inside the soccer stadium as bombs exploded outside, on Fox.

In his report, Rivera says,

Watch Rivera's emotional reunion with his child in the video above.