Chipotle Just Announced A New Plan To Give You More Free Burritos


Presumably as a way to thank the people who love burritos more than they love not having E. coli, Chipotle is reportedly starting a rewards program for loyal customers.

This week, the company revealed how much money it lost after numerous E. coli outbreaks were linked to the chain last year. Cosmopolitan reports the quarterly loss was over $26 million.

The free burrito thing was nice but apparently not effective enough, because now Chipotle has a new, more longterm plan: a loyalty rewards program.

The project is still in development, so details on how the program will work were scarce when the company announced it on Tuesday.

But you guys know how these things go. You rack up points on your burrito card, and hopefully, you can add 'em up to eventually get that one free burrito.

For now, we'll have to wait and see what the company decides to do.

It's not a bad plan. But personally, I think Chipotle should just make the guac free. Now that would get me back in the burrito game.

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