Guy Seriously Asks Woman To Send Topless 'Rush Boobs' Photo For His Frat

A college student apparently saw nothing wrong with asking a fellow student he barely knew to take a picture of her bare breasts with the name of his fraternity written on them.

NBC San Diego reports University of California, San Diego sophomore Rachel Friedman received this text message from a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon last Thursday.


Friedman reportedly met this young man a year ago at a "Free the Nipple" demonstration on campus.

The group often protests topless, which may (wrongly) explain why the fraternity member Friedman said she doesn't know very well believed his request would be granted.

Once Friedman's Facebook post attracted mass media attention, however, he asked her to take the text off social media and apologized.

Friedman told NBC San Diego the young man's request highlights the dangerous views promoted by many fraternities. She said,

It is common practice and I think it goes along with the rape culture... It is more common in Greek life than any other aspect on campus.

Arguably even more troubling than the idea of "Rush Boobs" is the fact this guy apparently became so numb to the degradation of women he wasn't at all worried Friedman might be insulted by his message.

In a statement, a spokesperson for SAE's national headquarters told NBC San Diego "the members responsible for this incident" were suspended.

The spokesperson added the fraternity will be investigating the "details surrounding this case" and taking further action if necessary.

The statement read,

The national organization and its leaders do not tolerate behavior of this kind, nor is it part of any activity or expectation by the fraternity. Our membership experience is based on concepts that promote the development of brothers — and not on the kind of immature behavior that stereotypes the Greek-letter community.

The statement concludes by noting SAE has a "zero-tolerance policy" for behavior that does not reflect its core values.

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