Chipotle Is Under Fire Again, But It's Not For Norovirus This Time

A former Chipotle employee reportedly filed a lawsuit claiming she was sexually harassed by several managers.

According to NBC San Diego, Ariana Castaneda sued Chipotle and four managers last Wednesday for unspecified damages over accusations of wrongful termination, sexual harassment, retaliation and discrimination.

Castaneda was a lead kitchen worker at the Chipotle in Woodland Hills, California from December 2013 until February 10.

Her lawsuit states her superiors purposely forced her to wear a uniform shirt that was too small in order to "accentuate her breasts."

When she asked for a larger shirt, one manager allegedly replied,

Is it because your tits are too big?

Castaneda additionally claimed a manager would repeatedly hug her against her will and reach under her shirt after putting his hands on ice.

The managers openly discussed another former employee's breasts, referring to the woman as "big boob Sabrina," and made sexual comments about female customers, the lawsuit claims.

The managers even allegedly used security cameras to look at the cleavages of female customers.

When Castaneda coughed at work, managers allegedly asked if she was "giving [her] husband too much head" and often asked if her husband "[gave her] some last night" if she looked tired, Daily Mail reports.

Castaneda reportedly hurt her arm, shoulder and back while taking out the trash and took one day off.

According to the lawsuit, one manager accused her of faking her injuries, however, when she failed to help lift heavy boxes, put away supplies and prepare food fast enough after returning to work.

She was suspended and fired soon after, only finding out about her termination by checking her online employee account, she said.

Castaneda's lawsuit states the managers' harassment of her resulted in emotional distress, mental and physical pain, loss of sleep, loss of appetite, anxiety, depression, humiliation and shame.

It is not clear if the four managers are still employed by Chipotle.

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