Huge Foam Blob Nearly Swallowed Up An Entire Town Like It Was Nothing


Thanks to a malfunction in a fire alarm at a hangar at the San Jose, California airport, large white blobs of foam have overrun the streets.

The foam was so high at points that it reached the top of stop signs.

Could this be the best foam party of all time?

No, in fact, don't go near it -- this fire retardant may be a carcinogen.

The foam, which is technically called "aqueous film-forming foam," but what I call "happy safety bubbles," filled a street in Santa Clara next to the airport after 10:50 am, according to police.

Like a moth to the flame, numerous people were drawn to the happy safety bubbles, despite the police setting up blockades to prevent people from coming near.

It will take officials hours to clean up.

One emergency personnel on the scene says that the foam is not actually dangerous, it is just a mild skin irritant.

This is something one man, Blake Harrington, took to heart when he rode his bike through the foam.

Goodbye, sweet prince.

Hilariously, he hit a sign that was invisible to him because of the foam.

When he finally emerged from his happy safety bubble prison he told onlooking reporters,

Someone had to do it.

He is the hero we deserve. He went on to say,

We were on the other side and the officers over there were like, "You should ride through." And I was like, "OK you guys don't mind?" So we decided to do it.

Honestly, this is adorable. Leave it to a foam party to humanize police officers after so many terrifying cases of police brutality this year.

We all want to see a dude ride his bike through some foam! We're not so different, you and I...

While we are a nation divided, one thing is for sure -- we want to play in that foam.

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