Police Arrest Woman With Over 3,500 Knives And Swords In Her Home

Not to completely judge a book by its cover, but based on Nickcole Dykema's mugshot, her book would be titled, “Knife Sanctuary: I Made My Home A Post-Apocalyptic Nightmare Dungeon and You Can Too!"

Dykema, who doesn't seem like she should own even one knife, harbored more than 3,500 blades in her Brooksville, Florida home.

When police were dispatched Tuesday night to the 47-year-old's residence in response to warrants issued for her arrest, they demanded she exit her home.

Dykema reportedly peered at police through a broken window, ordered the officers off her property and threw in a few obscenities for good measure.

Eventually, officers forced their way into Dykema's terror trailer, and one dodged a head-on attack from the woman, who was wielding a massive, machete-esque blade.

Officers cornered Dykema in her mobile home. The woman allegedly sat beneath a blanket, brandishing a sword.

When a crisis response team arrived on the scene and attempted to negotiate with Dykema, she set up camp in a room housing hundreds upon hundreds of deadly blades, but according to deputies, several rooms in the mobile home were laden with a similar number of weapons, WFLA reports.

After police attempted to subdue Dykema with a non-lethal shotgun, to no avail, officers turned to a Taser to apprehend her.

Sheriff Al Nienhuis said,

This person was obviously dangerous to the community. It amazes me that these deputies were able to take her into custody without anyone being injured. It shows the level of their restraint and professionalism under very difficult and dangerous conditions.

Dykema faces charges of violating her probation, property damage, nonviolently resisting arrest and assaulting an officer.

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