A 'Life-Threatening' Hurricane Hit Florida And Trolls Made It About Harambe

by Talia Koren

Just in time for Labor Day weekend, Florida was hit by what was predicted to be a huge hurricane named Hermine on Thursday night.

As of now the hurricane weakened to a tropical storm, but it was still the first major and potentially deadly hurricane to hit Florida in 11 years.

Some people were obviously concerned about the storm's threat to their homes and safety, while others complained about it ruining their plans for the last long weekend of the summer. But many were more concerned about its name.

A discussion erupted on Twitter about how "the weather people" could possibly overlook the opportunity to name this storm after Harambe. Naturally, people have made moves to get Hurricane Hermine renamed with a petition.

The petition on has over 3,000 signatures on it already.

People are hoping to convince the World Meteorological Organization to rename the hurricane to Harambe to honor of the gorilla after he was shot dead in a zoo when a toddler fell into his enclosure this past May.

Some people on Twitter also think the storm should be renamed Hermione. I guess it's only a one letter difference in that case.

I honestly don't know what to say, but ever since this whole Harambe incident, everything has become about this gorilla.

Twitter users are very passionate about this issue.

People were quick to make this meme...

And they were stoked to sign the petition.

Some people were shocked the World Meteorological Organization didn't think to name this storm Harambe...

Because obviously, it would have been the right thing to do.

Harambe is in our thoughts, OF COURSE, but we're just happy Hermine has weakened before it could cause any more damage as it moves north.

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