Florida Gun Range Will Begin Serving Alcohol Because That's A Good Idea

A Florida city will reportedly be the site of a booze-filled restaurant connected to a gun range.

According to Huffington Post, Daytona Beach commissioners approved a measure Wednesday night that permits the opening of the establishment, which will be run by Port Orange entrepreneurs Ron Perkinson and Edward Staudt.

Though the indoor 12-lane gun range and upscale restaurant will be in the same building, there will apparently be a sufficient amount of physical space between the two, The Daytona Beach News-Journal reported.

Commissioner Pam Wood allegedly said she had "gone back and forth" on whether or not to grant approval while Commissioner Patrick Henry admitted he was "leery" about the idea.

But the business partners won approval, thanks to a series of rules meant to prevent drunks from accessing the range's rentable weapons. It was explained once a diner orders an alcoholic beverage, the individual's driver's license and those of everyone else at the table will be scanned.

A second scan will take place should this person visit the gun range after the restaurant.

If the ID is revealed to belong to someone who ordered alcohol, then that person will be barred from using the gun range.

It isn't clear if this also applies to the rest of the people at that diner's table.

As for people who visit the gun range without going to the restaurant beforehand, it was said they will have to sign affidavits stating they are not drunk or under the influence of drugs.

In June, Perkinson told WFTV,

Safety is obviously key and number one for not only me, but everyone else there. Everything is going to be revolved around safety.

Gun range users can bring their own weapons to shoot as well.

Perkinson says weapons will be prohibited from the restaurant area, but Daytona Beach Mayor Derrick Henry suggested this rule would not have to be obeyed by owners of concealed carry permits.

Commissioners didn't ask the owners to install a metal detector in the restaurant, though Staudt said he would have considered it if they had.

The range will also be safe due to the presence of law enforcement officers, who will be able to train at the range with a simulator, Perkinson added.

The business will be at least the second of its kind in the US, following last year's opening of a property said to offer a gun range and alcohol sales in Oklahoma City.

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