This New Product Is Basically A Tampon You Can Still Wear During Sex

by Jake Cappuccino

I may not be a woman, but I love and live with one, so I know just how revolutionary the idea of a tampon you can wear during sex is.

Thanks to The Flex Company, that idea is becoming a reality.

According to Mashable, the new start-up raised one million dollars to produce menstrual discs, which basically operate like the familiar menstrual cups. Flex even submitted its product to the US Food and Drug Administration, which oversees menstrual products, in the category of menstrual cups.

But, even if the products pretty much perform the same function, there are a couple of key differences.

For one, these discs are designed to be disposable, unlike menstrual cups, which can be used more than once if treated properly.

The other huge benefit is these discs can safely be used during sex!

That means no more awkward pauses when things are getting hot and heavy to take out a tampon and no more worrying about bleeding during or after sex.

From looking at the graphics on the website, the product also seems as easy to use as a tampon, and the featured testimonials suggest it's comfortable and convenient.

According to the website, the disc itself, once properly situated near the cervix, works by molding to your body to create a seal. Then, any blood gets trapped in the creases of the disc.

The FLEX Company

I, for one, think this is a great idea. I could care less about a little blood -- women have periods, people, and there is blood. It's nature, so get over it -- but I imagine there are many women who can feel self-conscious about bleeding, especially during an intimate encounter, and I hope this will help them.

You can request a free sample on the Flex website and you can buy a single box of the discs for $20, or you can subscribe for $20 per month or $15 per month depending on how long you're subscribed for.

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