Firefighters Rescue Man's Lost Phone And Post A Series Of Funny Pics

In the great iPhone versus Samsung Galaxy debate, the Galaxy wins — in this round, anyway.

A few weeks ago, Calgary resident Nathan Buhler dropped his Samsung Galaxy into the Bow River while on a rafting trip. Though upset, Buhler said he didn't even bother searching for the lost device; he believed, even if he found it, the phone would never work again.

He'd probably nearly forgotten about the incident until a couple weeks later when a handful of photos of the lost Galaxy phone mysteriously appeared on his Facebook page.

Apparently, an off-duty firefighter stumbled across the device while paddle boarding across the river. He retrieved it and blasted the waterlogged phone with heat for more than a day and a half in an attempt to dry it out.

Miraculously, it worked, and the phone turned back on.

Unable to contact Buhler directly, the firefighter brought the phone to the station, where he and his coworkers used the unlocked device to go on Buhler's Facebook account and reach out to him.

Buhler made his way down to the station to retrieve his phone later that day, but not before the firefighters had a chance to post a slew of goofy photos to his social media account.

See for yourself below.

The firefighters from Calgary's Downtown Fire Station No. 1 nicknamed the phone "Hector Sanchez."

Hey everyone I lost my phone but a fireman found it in the bow river ; he saved my phones life and wants to return it to the owner . the phone is at 1 station Posted by Nathan Buhler on Monday, August 17, 2015

They took Sanchez on a day-long adventure while waiting for Buhler...


...and posted the evidence to Facebook.


At the station, Hector Sanchez quickly became one of the guys.


Sanchez even threw down in a game of ping pong... and won.


At the end of the day, Sanchez and Buhler reunited.


The photos and the phone's safe return are not even the most impressive parts of this story. Rather, it is miraculous the phone survived after being submerged in water for about 10 days.

All around pretty cool thing to have a phone returned that was missing for 15 days. 10 of which were spent at the bottom... Posted by Nathan Buhler on Monday, August 17, 2015

Shout out to the guys of Downtown Fire Station No. 1!


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