Man Trying To Break Open Gate To Save Firefighters Didn't Notice Fence Opening


Have you ever tried SO hard to accomplish something, but failed miserably?

It's part of life. These instances come in many different forms, too. You could be simply attempting to unlock the front door to your apartment after a drunk night out on the town.

Your hands are all jittery because you're a mess and you don't know your limit. The guy or girl you're bringing home is slightly less drunk than you are. They're staring at you, laughing inside as they silently judge.

It happens and often leaves you feeling like there is no hope.

But what happens when you're trying to accomplish a simple task and you're NOT drunk as fuck? Some guy attempting to save a group of firefighters from a creeping blaze knows what happens.

You feel like a total LOSER with zero ability.

In a new viral video recently uploaded to YouTube by El Sol, we're introduced to a Chilean news broadcast segment that brings viewers to the heart of a fire-fighting incident.


As the brave firefighters make their way toward a gate before the camera, some dude in a red vest attempts to free them from being caught by the creeping blaze by opening the gate.

However, he fails miserably time and time again as he uses a large metal object to try and break the lock securing the gate.


The 27-second video proves you need to evaluate the situation at hand before making yourself look stupid sometimes.

Nice try, though, red vest guy! It's good to know there are still people like you out there who will try their absolute hardest despite the fact they, well, don't need to.

Toward the end of the clip, the firefighters simply walk around the gate where there was a large space for them to exit.


OOPS. All of that hacking away at the fence was pointless. It was a valiant effort, nonetheless.

Check out the hilarious clip above!

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