A 19-Year-Old Who Was Filmed Raping A Girl Was Called 'Legend' By His Friends


I could think of a lot of words I would use to describe a convicted rapist. Disgusting. Evil. Heartless. Cold. I could keep going but I'll spare you my never-ending list of synonymous adjectives.

What's one word I would probably always leave out of that list? Legend. Yeah, sorry. As far as I'm concerned, someone who forcefully has sex with an unwilling partner is not a "legend" in any sense of the word.

Unfortunately, it turns out not everybody agrees with me on that front.

Let me tell you a story (it's true).

Jamie Leppard, 19, and his 18-year-old friend, Tommy Conway, had been drinking with their good friend, 20-year-old Harry Ludlow in March last year when they decided to meet up with an 18-year-old girl and her female friend after a birthday party.

Around midnight, the group of teens pulled a classic teen move and decided to head over to Leppard's house while his parents were away to play some drinking games.

The 18-year-old girl was eventually led upstairs to Leppard's room where he proceeded to sexually assault her as she lay unconscious.

The victim's friend finally managed to burst into the bathroom shouting when she found Leppard on top of her friend. "Oh shit," she said to herself as she started to film the assault.

Clips from the film she took that night were eventually used in trial at Maidstone Crown Court in the UK to help put Leppard and Conway in jail.

In their examination of the clips, prosecutor Nina Ellin explained what it was that made the videos so incriminating,

Shortly after the girl filmed Leppard, Maidstone Crown Court was told about how Conway and Ludlow ran into the bedroom following their friend's lead. Conway jumped on top of Leppard to get in on the action while he was raping the victim.

The two men went on to imitate sex movements and they made groaning noises before the girl's friend went downstairs.

She came back up to the bedroom to find Leppard raping the victim from behind as Conway was lying near them.

Ludlow entered the room next and slapped the girl's naked bottom along with Conway. Then Conway proceeded to ask for a "turn" as he fiddled with his trousers.

Finally, Leppard stopped assaulting the unconscious victim as he said,

They then left her lying face down naked on the bed.

Judge Philip Statman confirmed the illegality of their actions, adding that the victim had been "humiliated and degraded,"

Leppard was convicted of rape and Conway was convicted of sexual assault. Leppard was sentenced to eight years youth custody and Conway was given a lesser two years and five months.

Jamie Leppard is a convicted rapist. How do his friends describe him? Let me give you a hint. It's not "disgusting." It's not "evil." It's not "heartless." And it's not "cold."

No, Jamie's friends call him a "legend."

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