Group Of Fifth Graders Allegedly Planned To Bomb A School's Assembly

Several fifth graders were reportedly arrested for plotting to bomb a high school.

According to, five students of Clifton Elementary School 11 built a device they intended to set off during a field trip to Clifton High School during an assembly on Wednesday.

School officials found written plans for the students' alleged attack at around 9 am that day and notified police.

A device, apparently packed with just vinegar and cinnamon, was discovered at Clifton High School, and police confirmed it contained no explosives.

Clifton Police Detective Sgt. Robert Bracken said the students "thought [the device] was capable of doing damage."

He added,

It wasn't a prank.

The group of students consisted of four girls and one boy, the New York Daily News reports.

It is unclear if the students, ages 10 and 11, were taken into police custody or just detained at the high school before being released to their parents.

An external source is reportedly suspected of influencing the students, who were suspended but not charged.

The grandfather of a student at the elementary school told the school "is tough with the kids" when it comes to discouraging violence.

He said his 7-year-old grandson was once told he was not allowed to make a gun shape with his fingers while playing a game.

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