Woman Sent Anonymous Letter To This Family Asking To 'Taste' Their Kids


A Minnesota woman was arrested for threatening to eat her neighbor's children because they reportedly played loudly in her yard.

On September 27, a family in Champlin, Minnesota received this anonymous letter in the mail.


The family has two children in elementary school, according to CBS Minnesota, and lives on a block with many young children.

The parents called the police, and the mother posted a photo of the letter on the Champlin, MN Community Group Facebook page.

Below the photo, the concerned mom wrote,

The source of the letter then began mailing the family magazine subscriptions, but it's not clear what kind of publications were sent.

Champlin Deputy Police Chief Ty Schmidt told CBS Minnesota,

Police were able to trace the subscriptions back to Carrie Pernula, 38, who lives close to the family. She admitted to sending the letter, as well as the magazines, and was arrested Friday.

Of Pernula, Schmidt said,

Pernula is reportedly now back at home after being released from jail on Monday.

She is yet to be charged with a crime, but the Champlin city attorney is currently debating whether or not to charge Pernula with gross misdemeanor terrorist threats and stalking.

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