People Are Looking To Facebook For Comfort Amid Brussels Attacks

On Tuesday, March 22, terror attacks rocked Brussels, Belgium, prompting Facebook to activate its safety check-in feature.

This isn't the first time Facebook activated this feature (it did so during attacks in Paris and Ankara, for example), but that didn't mean people appreciated it any less.

Facebook safety check now activated for Ankara. Again. I hope there is no no other occasion for it. — Zeynep Tufekci (@zeynep) March 13, 2016

In the confusion and horror of terror attacks, it's really comforting to find out your loved ones are safe by receiving simple notifications when you log on Facebook.

Many took to Twitter to express their gratitude for this safety feature.

This is definitely a wonderful feature, but Facebook has come under fire for not activating in other parts of the world; it was not activated during the terror attacks in Beirut last November.

Facebook can definitely improve in that regard so people can know the ones they care for the most are safe -- no matter where they are.

Social media can be a very valuable tool, and it should be equally accessible to everyone.