Facebook Censored This Brock Turner Meme And People Are Furious


Facebook might be home to tons of homophobic, racist and xenophobic content that goes uncensored, but criticizing convicted rapist Brock Turner is, apparently, where it draws a line.

On Tuesday afternoon, complaints from multiple users began popping up on Facebook, with people claiming the social network censored and removed a meme about Turner that was doing the rounds.

The meme seemingly originated from Imgur.

But when it made its way to Facebook, it seems the meme was removed, at least for a couple of users. Needless to say, the censored parties were none too pleased.

One person reportedly accused Facebook of a blatant double standard, citing a prevalence of transphobic and sexist content on Facebook.

Another user was only determined to recopy the meme's caption and criticized Facebook for removing a post that stated fact, according to Gizmodo.

And there were other complaints as well.

Turner's infamy stems from a January 2015 incident during which he was found thrusting himself on top of an unconscious woman behind a dumpster on the campus of Stanford University.

The woman, now 23, had a BAC three times the legal limit at the time. Turner's was two times the limit. Recently, the former collegiate swimmer was sentenced to six months in jail after facing a maximum of 14 years in prison, prompting a furor that accused the presiding judge of giving Turner preferential treatment.

Facebook confirmed to Gizmodo on Tuesday afternoon its team was working on restoring the memes that were removed. By Tuesday evening, the memes were back up and the original can be found here.

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