Here's how to enter Panera's diamond and coffee sweepstakes.

Score A Free Diamond Ring And Coffee For A Year With Panera’s V-Day Sweepstakes

This Bread Bowl-shaped ring will capture hearts.

by Daffany Chan
Courtesy of Panera

It’s time to spark the romance this Valentine’s Day with a unique gift alternative to the usual box of chocolates. Panera is giving away diamond rings that come in an adorable bread bowl-shaped box during a new sweepstakes. To make things even better, winners will also snag free coffee for an entire year through Panera’s Unlimited Sip Club. Here’s how to enter Panera’s diamond ring and coffee sweepstakes before Feb. 18 to spread the love this season.

The brand announced its new diamond and coffee sweepstakes on Feb. 8, and it’s all about helping fans put a Panera spin on their usual Valentine’s Day celebration. After all, the grand prize is a lab-grown diamond that features a baguette cut and comes in a bread bowl-inspired ring box. To pair with the ring, winners will also snag complimentary free Panera coffee for a year so they can stay energized in 2022.

For a chance at winning free bling and a year’s worth of caffeine, enter Panera’s sweepstakes through 11:59 p.m. ET on Feb 18. Check out Panera’s “call to action” sweepstakes posts on @PaneraBread’s Twitter account and the @PaneraBread Instagram account for the two ways to enter. First, you can share a tweet or an IG post including a pic of your “Panera date” (which is defined as a photograph of you either alone, with a friend, SO, or other) at a Panera café or enjoying Panera’s at-home products with the hashtags #PaneraDate and #Sweepstakes in your post.

The second way to enter the sweepstakes is by heading to the official Panera sweepstakes website and filling out the registration form with your contact info. BTW, you can only submit one entry using either method during the promotion period, so choose wisely.

Courtesy of Panera

The brand will randomly select 22 winners on or around Feb. 20. Each winner will receive one baguette cut lab-grown diamond ring as well as a one-year Unlimited Sip Club subscription, for a total approximate retail value of $2,202.

Since Panera’s sweepstakes officially ends Feb. 18, you’ll want to submit an entry ASAP for a chance at winning a free rock and a year’s worth of brews. When you stop by Panera for an actual bread bowl, make sure to check the CDC guidelines for the most updated health rules.