Woman Pens Sad Post After Jeweler Shames Fiancé For 'Pathetic' Engagement Ring

by Robert Anthony

Ah, engagement rings -- where do I even start?!

Engagement rings are a gift and curse. It's not hard to see why so many men and women around the world share mixed views on this particular piece of minerals squished together.

These rings are supposed to look a certain way to certain people. Otherwise, it means you're doing it wrong.

For example, to some people, an engagement ring is useless if isn't purchased from a specific jeweler. To others, if an engagement ring doesn't feature a massive Kim Kardashian-style gem, why even bother?

In other words, most people are way too obsessed with the material qualities of an engagement ring rather than the sentimental value they're intended to hold.

That much was made obvious when a sales assistant at a jewelry store told one Tennessee couple that their choice of an engagement ring was "pathetic."

According to Metro, Ariel Desiree McRae and her fiancé Quinn had been at Pandora to purchase two matching sterling silver and cubic zirconia rings after Quinn had proposed to his girlfriend of two years.


She said yes.

Here are the "pathetic" $130 engagement rings Quinn purchased for his fiancée Ariel.


As one of the store's employees assisted the couple with their purchase, another sales assistant reportedly walked over, saw the rings and said, "Can y'all believe that some men get these as engagement rings? How pathetic."

Quinn obviously didn't take things too well after that was said. After all, the man had just pulled together enough money to even be able to buy the rings in the first place.

Personally, I'm just trying to figure out how he didn't ask her how she felt comfortable with breaking someone's spirit for a lousy commission check.

As for Ariel, she took to Facebook to talk about the horrifying experience, saying,

When she said that, I watched my now-husband's face fall. He already felt bad because he couldn't afford the pear-shaped set that so obviously had my heart and covered my Pinterest page. He already felt like a failure, asking me again and again 'Are you sure you'll be happy with these? Are you sure this is okay?'

Of course, Ariel couldn't have been happier. Remember, she never had a problem with the rings in the first place. She was just delighted to be engaged to the love of her life.


She continued,

My husband was so afraid of me not wanting him because he couldn't afford a piece of jewellery. He was afraid that the love I have for him would pale because he couldn't afford the wedding set I wanted. The world has made it this way and it is so sad.

And to think, there are actually people out there who will throw their future away with someone simply because they don't possess the financial resources to buy outrageously expensive rings.

Look, I get it -- you're a princess and deserve the best, but unless you're knowingly marrying a multi-millionaire with an everlasting disposable income, you should probably lower your expectations to be, well, realistic.

Be more like Ariel and less like the dipshit sales assistant she had to deal with! Read her Facebook post in its entirety here.

And of course, congratulations to Ariel and Quinn on tying the knot!

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