Cost Of Dinner At Best Restaurant Of 2017 Will Crush Your Faith In Humanity

Jean-Claude Manfredi

You know what? Everyone deserves to treat themselves to a fancy dinner every once in a while.

To me — and my other low-salary-making friends — "treating yourself" means taking $20 out of the ATM and splurging at a local restaurant instead of heating up a bag a Ramen.

We're high rollers, I know.

I never knew what "treating yourself" actually meant until I realized how much money it costs to dine at one of the World's 50 Best Restaurants.

The pricy restaurant with the top spot on the list is Eleven Madison Park, located in the heart of New York City — and the amount of money it costs to eat there will make you cry.

Before I let you in on the heartbreaking amount of cash you'll need, keep in mind this place is classy and accommodating AF.

According the site's menu page, its tasty meals consist of eight to 10 courses, with both communal and individual plates that use local ingredients.

Eleven Madison Park

Do you know how much it costs for one person to enjoy those courses of local deliciousness?

It costs $295 per guest.


That means if you bring a date with you, your meal will cost almost $600 — but that's without wine.

According to Eater, pairing wine with your expensive meal with cost over $1,000 (that's literally more than my rent).

If I'm going to spend that kind of money on dinner, it better be served on freakin' gold-plated china and taste as if the heavens touched my tastebuds.

Apparently, there are a few perks to dropping your rent money at Eleven Madison Park.

Aside from the fact you'll have the opportunity to eat at the World's Best Restaurant of 2017, you'll be given endless amounts of Calvados (apple brandy) at the end of your meal and sent home with a souvenir granola jar.

I love granola. I'm sold.

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