Here Are Some Crazy Cheap Flights If You Need A Break From America Right Now

Maja Topcagic

I don't know about you, but after finding out Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election, I wanted nothing more than to hop on a plane and GTFO for a while.

But I'm kind of broke, have a ton of student loans and am living beyond my means in New York City. Fleeing the country for a USA detox was nothing but a fantasy... until now.

Various airlines are feeling empathetic toward American people, and are offering post-election flights as cheap as $7.

That's like, three rides on the subway!


If you're serious about leaving the country for a little bit without making the commitment to move to Canada, check out these deals and get your wallets out.

They're pretty damn tempting.


AirAsia is the real MVP right now. According to Travel & Leisure, the airline is having a flash sale with tickets starting at $6.89 for flights throughout various Asian cities. The sale ends November 12, so get on it.


This airline is making me feel super proud of being an America citizen because its created a ticket sale called the United States Election Special that gives you choices of buying one-way tickets out of Dublin for roughly $11.


Delta is currently selling tickets for travelers planning on traveling within North America for $80. Can I get a "HELL YEAH!?" Here, just take my wallet.


British Airways

If you've been saving for a special trip and live in the Boston area, you might want to check out a cool flight from Boston, Massachusetts to Madrid, Spain for only $351.


This one's for anyone living in or around Philly that needs a little break from the USA. You now have the chance to fly to Rome or Barcelona for $378. Again, kind of steep if you're trying to save up, but it's still an awesome deal.


If you're living in or around NYC, you'll be able to fly via AirFrance (along with British Airlines and KLM) to destinations like Palma de Mallorca and Barcelona, Spain for as little as $414.

These are pretty rad, I know.

But for anyone who's a little behind the specials (like myself), you should probably be aware there were a few flash sales that have already ended, and people snatched up their cheap flights while they could.

Take JetBlue, for example. They held a two-day post-election flash sale on November 9 with flights as low as $34. I'm so sad I missed it.


Spirit Airlines did the same thing, and had a sale with $35 tickets that ended midnight on November 9.



If you missed out on these sales, have no fear. You have four years to book your post-election vacation -- so make it a good one.

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