El Chapo's Wife Claims He's Being Mistreated In An Emotional Interview

The wife of imprisoned Mexican drug lord Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán fears for her husband's life and claims he is a kind and polite man.

According to NBC News, Emma Coronel Aispuro married Guzmán, 58, on her 18th birthday in 2007.

Born in California, the former beauty queen has two 4-year-old daughters with Guzmán, who was recaptured on January 8 after escaping from a maximum security prison in July 2015.

In her first-ever televised interview, Aispuro told Mexican journalist Anabel Hernández she only saw her husband once since his recapture, and he did not look healthy.

She reportedly said,

I fear for his life [El Chapo's]. We don't know if he is eating well. We don't know what his situation is because we haven't seen him.

Aispuro went on to say prison guards watch Guzmán "all day long," never letting him sleep and allowing him no privacy.

She also believes Guzmán's blood pressure is rising at an alarming rate, The Guardian reports.

Speaking about Guzmán's character, Aispuro insisted her husband does not have a violent temper nor a discourteous attitude.

She told Hernández she was treated with respect when she first met Guzmán and has never seen him insult someone.

Aispuro reportedly said,

I'll follow him wherever because I am in love with him.

Aispuro's father is said to have been a top lieutenant of Guzmán who was arrested in 2013.

Her brother was arrested in August 2015 for his alleged participation in Guzmán's last escape, involving a mile-long tunnel likely constructed with the cooperation of some corrupt prison officials.

Aispuro told Hernández her husband is not as powerful or as rich as he is often made out to be.

She reportedly explained,

Anything evil that happens in whatever part of the world is [blamed on] El Chapo… He is not the most powerful capo in the world… but the [Mexican] government made him the most wanted capo in the world perhaps to hide more important things.

Hernández additionally asked about Mexican soap-opera star Kate del Castillo, who allegedly exchanged flirtatious text messages with Guzmán to assist authorities in his recapture.

But Aispuro said she never harbored any jealousy toward del Castillo, and she is actually a big fan of her work.

Here's a clip of the first segment of the interview, which took place on February 12 and was broadcast by Telemundo on Sunday.

The second segment will reportedly air next weekend.

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