Girl Finds Eerie Warnings About Ghosts Hidden Under Floor: 'Grandad May Visit'


Moving into an old house usually means you'll have to deal with the typical wear and tear left behind from the previous tenants (creaky doors, rusted pipes, old rugs — you know the drill).

However, when you find warnings about ghosts underneath the rugs you tore up, you'll have to add paranormal activity to the list of things to deal with in your new crib.

An Imgur user recently experienced this nightmarish scenario inside her home and posted pictures of the eerie ghost warnings on her subfloor. 

The photos posted by Jennybo86 show an array of creepy messages and photos left behind from the previous tenants of the house. She labeled the pictures "time capsule found on my subfloor," and shared various photos of handwritten notes written in colored markers on the aging wood.

Among the messages, there were a few that referred to "ghosts" living in the home. One note, seemingly written by a child, warns the new residents his or her grandpa died in a war and that he might come back for a visit.

"Grandpa may come and visit you."


That's not the only alarming message that was found on the subfloor, though.

Another note found on the floorboards claims there's already ghosts that are haunting the home, and apparently, they don't like "CSI: NY."

The entire message says,

Beware of the ghost(s). They hate it when we watch CSI: NY. No joke.

Um, I hope these folks have Ghost Busters on speed dial because this is SCARY.

An even scarier message the family found on its floor eluded to abuse the happened inside the home, and suggested the loss of the children's mother.

The note says,

We lived in this house with two cats, two dogs, two kids, dad and at one point mom. Sorry for the dented walls. We have a lot of disagreements.

Holy crap. This is serious. This home is haunted, and the previous family is straight up warning them.


Based on the last photo the Jennybo86 posted to Imgur, two little boys live inside the home now.

They're pictured walking over the time capsule and looking cautiously down at the images plastered onto the old wooden floor. If I was their mom, I'd probably find a new place to move ASAP because I'm convinced ghosts live there now.


Heck, even Imgur users who commented on the pictures are convinced the home is haunted.

One user noted the dents in the walls and said,

There's a sad story behind that.

Another person wrote,

That house is haunted.

If the family who discovered the "time capsule" is brave enough to stick around, I hope they post more updates about the ghostly activity inside their home.

I would definitely advise not turning on "CSI:NY," though.

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