Dunkin' drinks with the most caffeine include so many classics.

Here Are The Dunkin’ Drinks With The Most Caffeine To Keep You Going

Gonna need a frozen coffee ASAP.

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When picking a caffeinated sip from Dunkin’ to fuel your day, some choices are better than others for *literally* getting you the most bang for your buck. Some options are a no-brainer (read: Extra Charged Coffee), but there are some sneaky sips that actually pack a punch in the energy department.

To help you make the most of your next Dunkin’ run, we compiled 11 Dunkin’ drinks with the most caffeine. All the caffeine counts are based on a medium size, according to information on the Dunkin’ website. Click through to discover your next pick-me-up.

Iced Latte (166 MG)

Dunkin’s Iced Latte, which blends milk with espresso over ice, packs 166 milligrams of caffeine into a medium size.