This Insanely Potent New Drug Reportedly Caused 10 People To Die In Just 12 Days

Jovo Jovanovic

A synthetic new drug that's being called "worse than heroin" has reportedly caused hundreds of overdose deaths in America, with 10 alleged deaths in just 12 days.

Created in illegal labs, the drug is apparently being sold as grey-green tablets containing fentanyl, a substance that is anywhere from 20 to 100 times stronger than heroin, according to the DEA. Under normal circumstances, fentanyl is administered to cancer patients to treat extreme pain. But because it is very potent, even hardened drug addicts can easily overdose when taken incorrectly.

The recent epidemic of fentanyl overdoses have reportedly taken place largely near Sacramento, California. One man, Jerome Butler, overdosed and died from fentanyl, thinking it was an opiate painkiller. His mother, Natasha, told reporters,

It shut down his organs. It shut down his kidneys. It shut down his liver. His brain was swollen. The doctor said he said there was nothing he could do for him. From one pill.

The problem extends outside of California, apparently, with two-thirds of the 420 overdose deaths in New Hampshire thought to be caused by fentanyl illicitly sold as heroin.

As always, if you can't be sure of what's in it, don't take it.

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