Veteran Rubs People The Wrong Way With Rant Against Overweight People (Video)

Drill Sergeant John Burk recently uploaded a video to Facebook where he rants about overweight people and calls them “utterly repulsive and disgusting.”

The self-described “fitness motivator” and Army veteran stands by his controversial rant that has been viewed over two and a half million times.

He told BuzzFeed News,

In his "blunt" speech, Burk said,

Burk continued,

As you'd expect from anything with such an aggressive message, this video received a wide array of responses.

Some people were just as repulsed by the video as Burk is by fat people.

Others, however, agreed with his message.

Despite all the positive and negative comments he received, Burk is most interested in the video impacting even just a few people to make changes in their lives.

He said,

Regardless of his intentions, there was probably a much better way to get his message across.

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