Donald Trump Just Tweeted About Melania's Speech And It Will Blow Your Mind


Take a quick stab at what you think Donald Trump's first tweets addressing the Melania situation would look like. C'mon, just take a wild guess.

If you're a walking, talking, living human and have a fairly competent brain with the slightest knowledge of how "The Donald" operates, chances are your guess looked similar to what the Republican nominee actually tweeted.

That's right, your man Trump went for the "no publicity is bad publicity" and "crooked Hillary" combo. Amazing.

KFC couldn't give you a better two-piece, and regardless of whether or not he has a point -- debate your uncle about it -- it's almost a joke how predictable his response was.

Of course, he was going to say that. He's Teflon Don. The man spent the last year literally going out of his way to break every cliched rule about lines politicians shouldn't cross. A minute worth of similarities between his wife's speech and Michelle Obama's wasn't going to humble him, folks.

That being said, Melania's speech definitely was an example of plagiarism, which, any academic will tell you, is pretty much non-negotiable. And because it was plagiarism, at the freakin' RNC of all places, we're still going to get these laughs out, Hillary's emails be damned.