Cruel Man To Serve 5 Years In Prison After Sealing Dog's Mouth Shut With Tape

Charleston Animal Society

Another day, another infuriating news story...

A South Carolina man was arrested and sentenced to five years in prison after he allegedly used electrical tape to bind a dog's mouth shut.

The vile 2015 incident left the dog's face swollen and turned her tongue black due to the severe lack of blood circulation.

According to the Associated Press, 42-year-old William Leonard Dodson is responsible for a crime that required a Staffordshire mix named Caitlyn to have surgery described by the judge as "hell on earth."

Charleston Animal Society

On Friday, Dodson was sentenced to five years in prison (the maximum sentence possible for this particular crime) as well as an additional 15 years for an unrelated federal gun charge.

The AP's report states Dodson will serve both sentences simultaneously.

Circuit Judge Markley Dennis, the judge responsible for sentencing the man to prison for taping the dog's mouth shut said he wished he could give Dodson more time for his heinous crime.

Charleston Animal Society

According to Charleston's Post and Courier, Judge Dennis told William Dodson,

I'm not trying to be mean, but I wish I could give you more.

Aldwin Roman, a director at the Charleston Animal Society, appeared in a video with Caitlyn in which he briefly discussed Dodson's sentencing, saying,

Today was all about sending a message to our community and really across the country and across the globe that we're not going to tolerate animal cruelty anymore. We're going to do everything that we can within the law to get justice for victims of animal abuse.

Here's the full video.

Thanks to the angels who rescued the then 15-month-old pup, Caitlyn is now well on her way to recovery following reconstructive surgery.

A statement issued by the Charleston Animal Society reads,

Caitlyn continues to recover from anxiety and stress she developed after the trauma she endured at the hands of Dodson. She is currently living with a loving foster family and will remain in foster care with Charleston Animal Society.

After viewing the handful of heartbreaking photos of Caitlyn on the Charleston Animal Society's Facebook page, I think I speak for all of us when I say I so needed that happy ending.

Justice has been served... Long live Caitlyn!

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