This Doctor Raped A 20-Year-Old Woman While Giving Her An Abortion


Gerald Mark Forbes, a 47-year-old doctor, was accused of raping his 20-year-old patient while performing an abortion procedure on her.

Forbes told the woman she would need a medical exam with him because she was looking to work at his clinic in the Bahamas. She later reported that during the exam, he rubbed her vagina and then masturbated right in front of her.

Two weeks later, when she went back to him because she needed to get an abortion, he raped her, according to Tribune 242.

It was also reported he administered her a drug used to induce abortions called Methotrexate.

Forbes was taken to Grand Bahama Court, where he denied claims he raped the victim. He went on to tell the court that the woman was a "friend of a friend" and used to work at his office for a couple of months. When the court asked him about the alleged incidents that occurred, he dodged the question, saying he had "nothing to say."

A police officer told Forbes during his interview, "The virtual complainant informed you that she will not return to work because she was uncomfortable that you violated her and you said you were sorry she felt that way and you told her to still come in for follow-up and medication."

The court got hold of a WhatsApp exchange between Forbes and the woman, in which Forbes told her he didn't owe her any salary because he gave her Methotrexate.

Forbes' disgusting practice is not an isolated incident in the medical community. Over 2,000 doctors have been punished for sexually abusing their patients in some way.

The news is despicable, disheartening and it's an act that seems to sometimes be swept under the rug. Many of those doctors accused of sexually assaulting their patients are still practicing medicine today.

Forbes' trial is still underway.

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