Diver Fights Off Terrifying Shark Attack With Spear In Graphic Video

I've always had a love-hate relationship with the ocean.

On one hand, swimming through colorful coral reefs and exploring the deep blue sea can be seriously fascinating.

However, the large, mysterious creatures that patrol the depths of the ocean can also be pretty damn terrifying. This is probably the reason why my snorkeling endeavors always turn into underwater scream fests.

No, really. All I have to say is, thank God sound doesn't travel that well underwater.

If your greatest fears happen to include things like finding yourself face-to-face with a real-life version of Jaws, you might want to stay on dry land for a while.

One diver just faced our worst, shark-infested nightmare.

That's right: A video recently surfaced that captures diver Kerry Daniel being attacked by a bloodthirsty bull shark off the coast of North Queensland, Australia.

The Instagram video is posted by Liquid Vision, and shows the 35-year-old diver minding his own business as he floats near the surface of the water with a speargun in his hand.

Then, out of nowhere, the spear fisherman looks down to see a huge shark charging straight toward him at full speed.


Yeah... talk about terrifying.

Luckily, this fast-thinking diver was able to fight off his toothy attacker.


In the video, you can see Daniel brace himself for the attack by raising his speargun in front of him and jamming the weapon down the ferocious shark's throat. It was just seconds before the ocean predator almost turned Daniel into a mid-afternoon snack.


You can then see Daniel frantically kicking his fins in order to distance himself from the shark. The finned aggressor continues to thrash around with the speargun in its mouth, filling the water with blood.


Unfortunately, Daniel lost his speargun in the whole underwater debacle. But hey, at least he was able to escape this scary shark attack unscathed.

After seeing this, I think I'll just stick to floating around in swimming pools.

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