If You're Horrible At Directions, This Google Update Will Change Your Life

The latest update to Google Maps provides you with a brand-new way to be lazy. Instead of having to plug in one destination at a time, you can now enter multiple stops in a single trip, Mashable reports.

Thanks for making our busy days just a tidbit easier, Google. You are perpetuating this generation's inability to read actual maps. Technology is so wonderful.

On a serious note, this is actually a pretty cool update. If you're about to have a particularly eventful outing, it lets you map out all of your destinations so you have some perspective on where you're going before you enter navigation mode.

And let's be honest, Google Maps definitely saved all of our lives at some point.

In addition to this sweet multi-stop update, Google added a new feature to the Timeline tool, and you can add notes to your location history. So, if you find the best burrito spot in the city, you can add a little reminder for yourself (highly important info).

These updates are now available on Android and will reportedly soon be available on your iPhone.

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