Dinosaur Foreplay Existed So If T-Rex Cuddled Before Sex So Can Your SO

by Tim McGovern

The thought that a Tyrannosaurus Rex probably got more action on the reg than I am right now is certainly a sobering one.

But the idea the "Lizard King" actually had more game than I do? Damn, I'm impressed, my extinct, scaly friend.

Scientists have recently discovered T-Rexes might have been super into getting their snuggle on.

That's right. It looks like the skeletal remains paleontologists have discovered weren't the only BONES Tyrannosaurus Rexes had, if you know what I mean.

When they weren't wolfing down on some nosh (nosh being herbivores like Diplodocus), they were getting frisky with their faces.

The new research's findings, which you can read in Scientific Reports, states the T-Rex's snout was as sensitive to touch as our finger tips. (Aww, he's touching this guy with his finger.)

This may be the reason why the popular sexual catchphrase we all know used to be, "Two in the pink, zero in the stink because as a T-Rex, I only have two fingers."

The new discovery claims hard tissue around the T-Rex's mouth had tiny nerve openings (foramina), which in turn had a trigeminal nerve that made their snouts so damn sensitive.

(Wow, he is really sensitive about this.)

These sensitive snouts (which kind of sounds like a shitty improv team name) allowed the king of the dinosaurs to be more aware of their environment, but the researches assert the snout also served some use in the boudoir.

The going theory is T-Rexes would rub their faces together during the mating process, and this act perhaps was "a vital part of pre-copulatory play" AKA foreplay.


So, there you have it. T-Rex was all about the sexiness of "pre-copulatory play," which is a term that sounds very un-sexy, if you ask me.

Then again, this is coming from a guy with 250 percent more fingers than a T-Rex and 100 percent less game.


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