This New Dating App Matches You To People Based On Your Love Of Bacon

Everyone loves bacon. This is just a dating app for everyone.

Oscar Mayer is hoping to connect bacon lovers across the world through Sizzl, a dating app focused on making love connections one crispy slab of smoked meat at a time.

Think of it as the opposite of JDate.


The app's description says,

Sizzl is the only dating app exclusively for bacon lovers. Because why should you settle for someone who doesn't love bacon? If you get hot thinking about how many hours your bacon's been cured and naturally smoked, download Sizzl to connect with thousands of lovers who share your discriminating taste in the world's loveliest meat.

After downloading the app through Apple's App Store (BECAUSE ANDROID BACON LOVERS AREN'T PEOPLE, APPARENTLY), users describe themselves on Sizzl through questions about bacon such as how much they enjoy it (thick? smoked for a long time? maple n' sweet?) and how they prefer it to be cooked (crispy or chewy?).

Once your preferences are set, Sizzl matches you with like-minded bacon lovers for you to scroll through on your quest to find some delicious, smokey love.

If -- or, more accurately, when -- a maple-smoked match happens, the app notifies you of your soulmate, and a chat room is set up.

The only real difference between Tinder and Sizzl is you express your desire to meet someone on Sizzl by holding down the bacon-heart icon on the bottom right corner of the page instead of swiping. The longer you hold the bacon heart down, the higher your interest is in the person.

It's oddly high-tech for an app made by Kraft Foods. Good job, Kraft Foods tech team.

By the way, I was kind of joking before about that JDate thing. The app gives users the option to choose turkey-bacon matches if they desire people who are descendants of Moses or who simply don't like the taste of pig.

Bacon love is all-inclusive.

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