D.A.R.E. Just Removed Marijuana From Its List Of 'Gateway Drugs'

by Julian Sonny

We all remember the day D.A.R.E. walked into our classrooms and instilled the fear of hard drugs in our heads. That sh*t was no joke.

A lot has changed since then, and I'm sure as everyone got older, we all started to f*ck around with those substances D.A.R.E. warned us against -- in moderation, no doubt.

One thing that hasn't changed, however, is that marijuana has been remained on the program's list of "gateway drugs" since forever.

That is, until now.

The Drug Abuse Resistance Education program has been teaching kids about drug safety for years, and now, it has finally recognized cannabis is more helpful than hurtful -- aka, it's not a gateway drug at all.

If you go to the program's website, you'll see marijuana is no longer listed as a gateway drug, which, by definition, is,

A drug that opens the door to the use of other, harder drugs. Gateway drugs are typically inexpensive and readily available.

Still on the list, however, is tobacco and alcohol. Now that marijuana is being legalized for medicinal purposes around the world, it's time kids start learning the truth.

This is a step in the right direction for future generations who will be living in a marijuana-driven society, and just like anything else they choose to do, it's all about moderation.