People Break Out Impressive Ballroom Dance Moves On A Busy NYC Street (Video)


Penn Station is home to many miracles, most of them stabbings and low-level thefts.

This week, Improv Everywhere, the gag geniuses behind the "Food Court Musical" and the annual "No Pants Subway Ride," brought a little magic to the ultra-dismal transit stop with “Surprise Ballroom Dancing in a Busy NYC Crosswalk.”

In the comedy team’s YouTube video documenting the event, viewers can catch busy commuters spilling out of Penn Station onto 7th Avenue as dancers spring from the ranks and break out a few unexpected swing moves.

Challenges such as the time ticking on the crosswalk sign and the interference from the crowd add to the thrill and shock of the project.

On the group's site, Improv Everywhere explained,

The video is in collaboration with YouTube channel Field Day, a page billing itself as "a place to meet and see the YouTube’s most inspired filmmakers, dynamic entertainers and exciting personalities."

Improv Everywhere's latest effort is certainly inspired and brings a little cheer to what was previously considered "that street corner where everyone fistfights in the cab line."