Cutest Little Girl Ever Is Completely Owning Her Killer Zumba Moves (Video)

There's no question about who gave the most unforgettable performance at this year's Zumba Instructor Convention.

According to Huffington Post, 6-year-old Audrey Nethery has Diamond-Blackfan anemia, a syndrome caused by her bone marrow's inability to make red blood cells.

The rare illness, however, clearly doesn't get in the way of Nethery's will to dance like there's no tomorrow.

Nethery was invited to open the Orlando conference alongside her "local instructors and some of the best Zumba dancers in the Zumba community," according to her father's description of the video.

You'll probably want to watch this at least a dozen times. Seeing this young girl have the time of her life as she performs the upbeat routine will make your day.

You can watch more videos of Nethery dancing and donate money for research on her condition by visiting her official Facebook page.

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