CrossFit Guru Faces Backlash For Doing Handstand On Holocaust Memorial


For a second, think about the worst place you've taken a selfie. Really think hard about it.

I bet a bunch of you said stuff like "in a hospital," "in the bathroom" or maybe even "in the car before a funeral for someone you didn't know."

The bad news is you are still a vain Millennial (don't worry, we all are), but the good news is you aren't the worst vain Millennial. Well, unless your answer was "doing CrossFit at a Holocaust memorial."

In that case, you are tied for the title of Most Vain Millennial with Dave Driskell.

The CrossFit star is in some hot water after he posted a picture to Instagram (that he since deleted), showing him doing a handstand at the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe in Berlin.


According to Huffington Post, Driskell's caption read,

I'm not even completely sure what CrossFit is, but I damn well know you don't do it at a Holocaust memorial. If you do, you don't take a picture of it; and if you take a picture of it, you don't post it to Instagram.

Unsurprisingly, people took offense to Driskell's picture at the memorial and immediately started flooding the post with negative comments.


Some people defended Driskell, saying it was obviously wrong, but he didn't know what he was doing…


…or claiming it actually wasn't even that bad.


Driskell, who is a self-titled “Vagabond,” took down the post after it gained a lot of negative traction, and he realized taking fitness selfies on a memorial to the Holocaust is a comically horrible thing to do.

On Monday, he posted a follow-up picture explaining his actions and apologizing.

The follow-up post's caption read,

Let's all just agree to stop taking pictures in front of Holocaust memorials.

It's disrespectful. Think about what you're doing, and remember whom you are embarrassing.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go to the Washington Monument, lie down in front of it and take a picture from an angle that makes it look like a penis.

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