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Crane Collapsed In New York City, 1 Reported Dead

Video taken by a local reporter captured the severity of the damage caused by a crane accident in New York City earlier today.

According to The New York Times, a crane collapsed a little before 8:30 am onto Worth Street in Lower Manhattan.

The following footage posted by PIX11's Anthony DiLorenzo shows the fallen machine exceeding a city block in length and crushing dozens of parked cars.

You can see the video of the crane collapse below.

It appears just one building was hit by the falling crane.

The police and fire officials said at least one person was killed and at least three others were injured, two of whom are in serious condition.

Initial reports amounted the injured count to 15 people, but officials made the correction as they received more information.

Electrician Dan Vaughan told The New York Times the wind caused the crane to shake as construction workers attempted to lower it.

He said the crane should not have been kept upright during a snowstorm, since it was the wind that took it down.

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