Couple On Honeymoon Films Exact Moment Deadly Hurricane Matthew Hits Hotel

A newlywed couple was on their honeymoon in the Bahamas when Hurricane Matthew hit.

Dave and Amanda Jenkins, who are from Baltimore, Maryland, stayed at the Riu Palace Paradise Island, an all-inclusive resort, for their honeymoon vacation.


Right before Hurricane Matthew landed at the hotel, the couple stepped out of the room. They came back just a few minutes later to pick up some belongings.

When they returned to their room, which faced the destructive storm outside, looked entirely different.

Daily Mail

The walls of the resort room were being torn apart when they left. By the time they came back, just a little bit later, the wall had been completely ripped away.

Furniture was strewn about the room, and sheets and curtains were blowing around. In no time at all, the hurricane managed to turn their resort room into a disaster area.

Daily Mail

Although the damage to the resort room was bad, at least the newlywed Jenkins couple are personally safe.

Hurricane Matthew is a Category 4 hurricane that made its way through the Caribbean before making landfall in Florida on Thursday.

Winds were moving at speeds as high as 140 miles per hour, ripping through the islands.

Matthew was particularly deadly in Haiti, which has seen more than its fair share of destruction from natural disasters.

At least 339 people were killed by Hurricane Matthew in Haiti, according to the latest count from Reuters. The death toll number is expected to rise in coming days as people begin to rebuild all over again and information becomes more clarified.

As for the our couple in the Bahamas, they'll be OK. Everybody at the resort made it through Hurricane Matthew safely, according to Fox 10.

The couple is eagerly waiting until they're able to return home so they can be with their 4-year-old daughter.

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