Couple Wakes Up To Discover A Naked Man Sleeping In Bed Next To Them

An Australian couple reportedly woke up in the middle of the night to find a stranger in bed with them.

According to The Daily Telegraph, Maroubra's Chris and Katie jolted awake at 1:45 am on August 16 after noticing they were not the only people lying in their bed.

Lying next to them was a naked, 25-year-old Irish man.

Katie described the situation to the Sydney news source. She said,

Chris is on one side, I'm in the middle and then our stranger on the end right in with us… It was terrifying.

They immediately woke the man up and prompted him to gather his clothes before Chris led him out of their ground-level apartment. But after Chris cornered him in a courtyard, the couple said he went back inside the apartment through a window.

Police quickly arrived to arrest the man and placed him inside a police van.

He reportedly suffered convulsions as soon as he was inside the vehicle, however, so an ambulance took him to Prince of Wales Hospital where he was allegedly treated for drug-related issues.

The intruder was sent to a mental health facility later that day.

He entered the apartment through a window kept open for the couple's cat, The Telegraph reports. Chris and Katie, who have only lived in the apartment for a few weeks, are unsure how long the intruder was in bed with them.

Katie told The Daily Telegraph,

That's kind of the scary part, how long he might have [been] looking at us thinking it's a good idea to get into bed with these guys.

Chris said the intruder appeared to be significantly distressed when they woke him up.

The man will apparently be interviewed by police after his mental health is assessed.

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