Couple Who Drugged Kid So They Could Have Sex Are Jailed


Michala Pyke was sentenced to 13 years in prison on Thursday after feeding her 4-year-old daughter a deadly assortment of drugs, all so she wouldn't interrupt her sex life.

Her daughter, Poppy Widdison,  who was named after her mother's favorite drug, died in June 2013 after suffering a cardiac arrest inside the Lincolnshire home of her drug dealer, John Rytting.

Pyke, 38, allegedly fed her innocent child diazepam, heroin, methadone and ketamine, MailOnline reports.

Apparently, she started a relationship with 40-year-old Rytting and felt her daughter was an inconvenience to their affair.


One text message in particular that was publicized by Prosecutor David Gordon at Hull Crown Court said she planned on giving Poppy a "blue Smartie," which was code for diazepam, a sedative to make the child sleep.

Apparently, the exact text message sent from Pyke to Rytting before they met up read,

After Poppy died, a toxicology test was put forth to determine exactly what substances were in her system six months prior.

The results showed she had ingested "significant amounts" of heroin and methadone leading to her tragic death.

Police said Rytting's home where Poppy was found dead contained accessible drugs.

However, he claimed he was only responsible for the child during the last six weeks of her existence.


Regardless of the drug dealer's claims, the court heard that two drugs which were found in Poppy's hair were only prescribed to Rytting.

He, along with Pyke, were sentenced to 13 years in jail for child cruelty.

In court, he replied to the judge's decision by saying, "Whatever."


Pyke's lawyer, Katherine Goddard, suggested the death of Poppy was ultimately caused by the toxic relationship that existed between her and Rytting.

Apparently, Poppy's biological father, Brendan Widdison, was unaware the child was even at risk.

In court, he stated,

He continued,

Judge Jeremy Richardson claimed Poppy was born addicted to heroin.

He also said the couple treated Poppy badly and they "changed their demeanor in front of others."

Because of their selfishness, Poppy died a completely preventable death.

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