Man Guilty Of Murder Confesses On Live TV Show

A man guilty of raping, strangling and murdering a 4-year-old girl has just confessed his crimes on live television, and told the police where he buried her body.

The killer, Himmet Akturk, was asked to appear on a Turkish TV show known for investigating family dramas. After agreeing, he realized his conscience was too guilty for him to make it through.

Akturk cracked under pressure after the talk show host, Muge Anli, questioned him about a young girl named Irmak Kupal who disappeared, MailOnline reports.


Kupal allegedly went missing in the Alasehir district of western Turkey's Manisa Province while playing outside her home.

Apparently, she had a genetic foot condition. This led the police to believe she couldn't walk far. Therefore, they changed her case to "suspected kidnapping."

Her family sought out the investigative show for answers.

The program is allegedly known for questioning all members regarding a certain case who agree to be publicized on national TV.

During the broadcast, Anli reportedly pressured Akturk while asking about Kupal's demise. Then, Akturk broke down and claimed he was guilty of the child's murder.

He also admitted he raped and strangled Kupal before he disposed of her body.


Apparently, Akturk put Kupal into a sack and dropped her in a public dumpster. But when he discovered the next day that the dumpster hadn't been emptied, he took her body back and buried it in a nearby vineyard, MailOnline stated.

After Akturk admitted his crime on the Turkish TV show, police immediately arrested him. Akturk allegedly confessed to the crimes while being questioned by authorities as well.


During a search for the deceased 4-year-old, police reportedly found hair and blood near Kupal's home. They think it belonged to her.

After Akturk's confession, they began digging on the vineyard grounds where her body was reportedly buried. They found her remains two days later.

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