This Company May Have Posted An Ad Looking For A 'Good Looking Girl'

A British ad agency is under fire after posting an ad in search of a “good looking girl” to work the front desk at a local real estate agency.

The ad was posted to Modelling Network's social media accounts yesterday afternoon.


Reps for Kingston Residential -- the company for which the ad was posted -- said it had “no association” with the ad agency.

Regardless of their insistence of innocence, both Kingston Residential and Modelling Network faced major backlash for the advertisement, particularly on Twitter.

According to Kingston Residential, the job has been advertised on multiple sites and the gender (and appearance) of the applicant is “neither here nor there.”

The company insists it had nothing to do with the sexist job posting.

@stevenchapple @JoStevensLabour @fawcettsociety @cardiffstudents @WomensCSU @nuswales This has no association with us at all. — Kingston Residential (@KingstonCardiff) October 20, 2015

A member of parliament representing Cardiff said the job search ad was “shocking.”

Shocked by this job advert from one of our local letting agencies #everydaysexism #Cardiff — Jo Stevens (@JoStevensLabour) October 20, 2015

Another member of parliament also responded to the post, pointing out hiring based on gender or appearance is illegal.

Modelling Network has not yet released a statement on the controversy; however, the organization's initial tweet has since been deleted.

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