SkipTheDishes Has Poor Excuse For Canceling Job Interview


Whether you're a millennial or not, I think we can all agree getting a job in 2017 is tough.

So spare a thought for Taylor Byrnes, a young woman from Winnipeg, Canada, who had a job interview canceled for the most ridiculous reason.


She had already had a phone interview with food delivery service SkipTheDishes for a position in its menu development department.

Ahead of her second job interview, Byrnes decided to check in to ask about wages and benefits before the process went any further.


It was a completely innocuous email, resulting in a massively over-the-top reaction.

She received a response from Talent Acquisition Coordinator, Victoria Karras, who wrote,

Karras then canceled the second meeting.


Er. What?

There wasn't any reason for the sudden cancelation other than Byrnes asking about pay — she even said the initial interview had gone well.

But instead of the company backing down and apologizing, it doubled down.


Karras fired off a second email detailing the bizarre excuse for calling off the interview. She said,

That's not a great look for SkipTheDishes, and Byrnes knows it.

She posted on Facebook and Twitter, calling to boycott the company,


The company has since apologized and offered Byrnes an interview — for real.

Co-founder Joshua Simair said,

Somehow I don't think there's much chance she'll accept the interview offer.

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