Clown Slices Man's Hand 'Down To The Bone': It Was 'Like A Horror Movie'


OK, everyone. The joke's over! You can all go home now.

But really -- if you're dressed as a creepy clown, GTFO because you're not funny anymore.

The horrific day we've all been anticipating has come, as someone was stabbed by a knife-wielding trickster.

The victim was Simon Chinery, a 28-year-old father in Blackburn, Lancashire. He was allegedly attacked and permanently disabled by a clown at an ATM in Britain, according to MailOnline.

Apparently, Chinery became terrified when a clown holding a 10-inch blade snuck up behind him while he was using the ATM.

To avoid serious damage before the clown could attack him, he tried to grab the knife and told MailOnline that his fingers "exploded" as he was "cut down to the bone" on his right hand.

He described the horrific attack by saying,

I had never been so petrified in all my life. It has left me feeling sick to the bottom of my stomach - it was literally something from a horror movie.

After being taken to the hospital, he expressed concerns that doctors couldn't fully fix the damage left by the killer clown.

He has now been classified as disabled, and will have to quit his job as a woodworker, according to MailOnline.

More details about the clown who stabbed Chinery haven't yet been released, but information about a different clown in Britain has emerged, and authorities aren't taking the clown's antics lightly.

According to MailOnline, Connor Jones, an 18-year-old prankster, has been the first Brit to be fined for his "killer clown" antics.

He was allegedly seen stalking a school in South Wales on Friday afternoon. He was fined $110 for his behavior.

After publicly speaking for the first time after he was caught, he expressed that he wanted to "join" the US's clown craze, but insists he meant no harm.

But you know the old saying, "It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt?"

It happened. Someone is badly hurt -- so cut the clown shit so we can finally get a good night sleep.

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