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Dad Posts Ad To Find His Virgin Daughter A Husband Without Her Permission

An Illinois father reportedly advertised his daughter's virginity and good looks in an evangelical Christian magazine without telling her.

Last month, Christian Rachel Stewart published a now-deleted blog post about her father's personal quest to find her a husband.

According to The Daily Beast, previous blog posts revealed her father's habit of informing random men, as well as their parents, his daughter is available.

Numerous comments on Rachel's Valentine's Day blog post told her to look at the March issue of Christianity Today, New York Daily News reports.

In the jobs section of the magazine was the following ad.

Late last month, Stewart posted another now-deleted blog post describing her confrontation with her father about the ad.

She apparently called him at work and asked if he knew anything about a personal ad in the magazine, to which he allegedly responded,

One second, let me close my door.

She wrote he then admitted to creating the ad and read it out loud to her.

Surprisingly, Rachel wrote she was not "angry or embarrassed" and even called the ad "remarkable."

The blog stated,

I'm just nervous if this doesn't work out, next I'll find my face plastered on a billboard.

Christianity Today tweeted an apology for the ad on Friday.

One comment on the blog post compared the ad to "trying to sell cattle."

Rachel, however, assured the commenter her father's mission is not at all motivated by monetary desires.

She replied,

My prayer is that his unconventional advertisement (along with my blog, daily life and attitude) would be a platform upon which God is glorified and others are drawn toward a personal relationship with His Son, Jesus Christ.

Rachel likely wasn't very shocked to see the ad considering her father reportedly told her he was "investing" in finding her a husband a month before Valentine's Day.

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