Partially Blind 14-Year-Old Gets First Successful Transplant Of A Pig's Eye

Getty Images

A Chinese boy who went blind in one eye is reportedly able to see again, thanks to a cornea that formerly belonged to a pig.

According to Mashable, the 14-year-old from Jiangxi, China lost vision in his right eye due to a firecracker-related injury he sustained during the Chinese New Year.

The accident damaged his cornea, which is a transparent layer protecting the eye.

Last month, doctors from Zhongshan University successfully transplanted a pig's cornea into the boy's affected organ, the first of such procedures to be carried out in southern China.

According to reports, the boy regained his ability to see just a week after the operation and will receive additional treatment to further improve his sight.

Approximately five million people in China suffer from corneal blindness, South China Morning Post reports.

Donations of human eyes are rather sparse, however, making human cornea transplants rare occurrences.

But Zhongshan University professor Yuan Jin told reporters as many as half of Chinese patients suffering from corneal blindness could potentially get their sight back now that this operation paved the way.

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