Chili's Chicken Sandwich is now available for a limited time.

Chili’s New Crispy Chicken Sandwich Is Drizzled With A Secret Sauce

I’m drooling already.

Courtesy of Chili's

PSA: Chili’s is finally getting in on the chicken sandwich wars — and its crispy contender looks like it was well worth the wait. Considering the chain’s hand-battered offering is sandwiched between a buttery brioche bun and features a drizzle of a mysterious “secret sauce,” you’re probably wondering how long Chili’s Chicken Sandwich is available so you can try it yourself. Start making some lunch plans ASAP, because this unique sammy will be gone before you know it.

From June 1 through June 30, Chili’s will be serving up its brand new chicken sandwich for fans to enjoy at a restaurant, to-go, through delivery via Chili’s app or Chili’s website. There’s just one caveat. In order to try the savory offering with an app and a non-alcoholic beverage for just $10, you’ll need to be a My Chili’s Rewards member or join Chili’s loyalty program for free. If you’re not a rewards member, don’t worry — you can still get a taste of the new sandwich on its own for $3 more.

Although there have been no shortage of entrants in the chicken sandwich wars, Chili’s is setting itself apart from the pack with the addition of a unique condiment: it’s so-called “secret sauce.” While the brand won’t share all the details on the sauce (it is a secret, after all), it’s thick, sweet, and tangy, and you’re going to want to put it on everything.

Courtesy of Chili's

As for the ingredients itself, you can expect a crispy hand-battered and hand-breaded chicken breast layered with tomato, lettuce, and lots of secret sauce, all sandwiched in between a buttered and toasted brioche bun. This menu item also comes with a side of fries, so you can expect plenty of crunchy, salty goodness to accentuate your sandwich.

As always when dining out or grabbing a meal to-go, it’s a good idea to follow the most up-to-date guidance from the CDC on social distancing and mask-wearing. Sadly, this sammy will only be available for a few short weeks, so make sure to catch it before it leaves Chili’s menu.