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The Bidens adopted a new cat and Chasten Buttigieg had the perfect meme to compare the cute animal t...

Chasten Buttigieg Posted The Perfect Meme About The Bidens' New Cat, Willow

Willow is already a star.

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On Friday, Jan. 28, the White House welcomed a new furry resident, the Bidens’ new cat Willow. First Lady Jill Biden shared cute pics of Willow via Twitter and the internet kindly welcomed the fur baby to the spotlight. One individual took the welcome an extra step further and compared Willow’s debut photos to a well-known meme. American LGBTQ+ rights advocate and husband to the current U.S. secretary of transportation, Chasten Buttigieg, tweeted an iconic The Devil Wears Prada meme about the Bidens’ new cat Willow, and it’s the perfect comparison.

Buttigieg took to Twitter to join all the voices fawning over the new cat, and tweeted a picture of Willow side-to-side with a pic of Andy Sachs — Anne Hathaway’s character in the 2006 film The Devil Wears Prada — strutting confidently into her office sporting a new makeover and Chanel boots. The tweet simply read, “Same energy.”

Anyone who’s been on the internet for even a few minutes in the last decade knows this image very, as it has been turned into a huge meme. The meme, inspired by the iconic movie, takes place during a scene in which Andy’s coworker, Emily Charlton (Emily Blunt), is so surprised to see the normally frumpy Andy looking stylish and confident that she delivers the line, “Are you wearing the Ch-.” However, Andy cuts off Emily’s question and completes the sentence, “The Chanel boots? Yeah, I am.”

Andy’s unflinching confidence has made the scene a go-to meme whenever social media users want to express a surprising stroke of self-esteem and swagger. Given Willow’s unmistakable grace and style in her debut photos, it’s clear she exudes all the same confidence Andy had in her Chanel boots.

First Lady Biden and Willow actually have a pretty cool meet-cute story. Per the New York Times, Dr. Biden and Willow first met while on the campaign trail in 2020 for Joe Biden’s run for president. “Willow made quite an impression on Dr. Biden in 2020 when she jumped up on the stage and interrupted her remarks during a campaign stop,” the first lady’s spokesperson Michael LaRosa said. “Seeing their immediate bond, the owner of the farm knew that Willow belonged with Dr. Biden.”

Alex Wong/Getty Images

Willow has been waiting to make the move into the White House for over a year, but it looks like all ended well. The addition of Willow makes for pet Number 2 in the president’s house. Willow will be joining the Bidens’ German shepherd pup Commander.

As Willow adjusts to her new surroundings, let’s hope she continues to make appearances on the timeline.